Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

August 18 2014 Svoboda's statement regarding the negotiations of the MFA heads in Berlin

Svoboda closely watches the information pertaining to the 17 August Berlin meeting of the Heads of MFAs from Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia. We are not against the attempts to promote resolution of the current situation by means of diplomacy. However, we stress that the enemy systematically uses international negotiations in order to strengthen its positions on the occupied Ukrainian territories, regroup the terrorists and fortify their stations. There is no doubt that the same thing happened during the last negotiations.

Already in a couple of hours since the end of the negotiations, at night, the adversary used, for the first time, a powerful multiple rocket launcher "Uragan" shelling the positions of anti-terrorist forces near Novokaterynivka (Donetsk oblast). On 18 August the commandos attacked a column of refugees in Lugansk oblast that was moving under a white flag and had all the signs of peaceful people. They used mortars and "Grad" systems for the assault. As a result, a significant number of victims among peaceful citizens.

The terrorists continue mining and ruining of Donbass infrastructure. This is taking place on the background when Russian MFA registers "certain progress" on the issue of "the soonest possible armistice" during the Berlin meeting. Such actions of the aggressor indicate his true intentions in the most eloquent way!

The enemy uses negotiations for distracting international attention from the maneuvers of the Russian military and continuation of supplies of weapons to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk "people republics" which Ukraine long classifies as terrorist organizations. The enemy gets stronger, secures and strengthens its rear, which complicates the tasks of liberation of the Ukrainian territories.

Unlike the Ukrainian militarized units that bear legal responsibility for their actions in Ukraine, Putin's mercenaries are not restrained by any moral, humanitarian or legal precautions, neither by any considerations of honor or dignity. Therefore the conduct of the negotiations as to the resolution of Russian invasion's problem should not in any case serve as a foundation for suspension of the antiterrorist operation, for diminishing the pressure upon the enemy or for risking to lose the strategic objects on the liberated territories.

Ukraine is now bearing the consequences of indecisiveness of the guarantors of its security after the Budapest Memorandum. Our position is that the leadership of the NATO must take a more active stance in defending Ukraine from the Russian aggression. The evidence of the Russian aggression is so immense and apparent that international community can not anymore turn a blind eye upon these facts! Today, as never before, Ukraine is in need of not so much words of support, but rather real military and other assistance from the NATO, European nations and the USA. It is the issue of military, financial, diplomatic support to Ukraine to counterbalance Russian aggression that should become the primary subject of the agreement rather than the attempts of the leading European countries together with the Russian aggressor to "reconcile" Ukraine with the terrorist organistions of Donetsk and Luhansk "people republics".

Press Service of Svoboda