Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

July 27 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok on early parliamentary elections and political responsibility

The breakdown of the coalition is the path to re-election of the Parliament:

"Svoboda" decided to withdraw from the coalition with the sole purpose - to create a legal basis for holding early parliamentary elections (article 90 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

Re-election of this Parliament is a requirement of the Revolution of Dignity, which is supported by most Ukrainians. Politicians must fulfil this requirement.

The current Parliament, where the majority consists of the former "regionals" and minions of Yanukovich, is a major threat to Ukraine, and if it remains as it is shall lead to the return of the previous corrupt oligarchic regime and satisfaction of Putin's demands.

It must be noted that this parliament failed to adopt the following important legislation:

- On lustration of authorities and law enforcement agencies - № 4570, № 4828,.

- On the opening of the Registry of real estate - № 4728,.

- On civil weapons and ammunition,.

- Ban on communist ideology - № 3530,.

- On return of capitals from offshore accounts (obtained illegally) - № 1248,.

- On the elimination of private monopolies - № 1250.

Moreover, this parliament did not bring to trial a number of MPs who have supported the Russian aggressor.

An early parliamentary election is the only way for Ukrainians to delegate a strong pro-Ukrainian majority to the Parliament, which will be able to protect national interests and adopt reforms that are needed for our country's development.

As to the resignation and responsibilities of the Government:

According to the Ukrainian legal system, the resignation of the government is not required in the event of the coalition 's termination.

"Svoboda" did not initiate, and does not plan to raise the issue on passing the vote of no confidence to the current Cabinet of Ministers, knowing that during the war and economic crisis the need for reforms and strong government is very important. More than ever.

Statement of the Prime Minister Arsenyi Yatsenyuk on government's resignation is a political decision. This is his right, not an obligation. Mr Yatsenyuk, nonetheless, is obliged to perform his duties until the new Cabinet of Ministers is formed.

"Svoboda" does not support the decision of Yatsenyuk to resign and considers it untimely.

On government bills that were not supported by the Parliament:

Despite some significant reservations, "Svoboda" supported the inclusion in the agenda of the government bill number 4309: regarding acquisition of additional funds to the state budget for the Ukrainian Army's needs. However, this important legislative proposal was not supported by the majority of MPs. This again proves the need for the re-election.

We did not vote for a government project number 4116 on the reform of "Naftogaz" because the Cabinet of Ministers completely ignored the suggestions of "Svoboda" regarding the bill (aimed at preventing companies - satellites of Russian "Gazprom" to manage the Ukrainian gas transportation system).

It should be noted that the Government did not use all effective options for finding common solutions to gain support for their bills in the coalition that elected Yatsenyuk as a Prime Minister.

How to proceed:

"Svoboda" will not allow the formation of a new coalition in the current parliament, especially the creation of so-called grand coalition with the former "regionals", because, in this case, early elections will not be held until 2017.

Termination of the coalition and government resignation does not absolve any politician from responsibility to Ukraine.

Until the election of a new Parliament, all pro-Ukrainian fractions and groups represented at the present parliament, President and incumbent government staff must work together for the benefit of Ukraine and adopt all the laws and decisions necessary for the country's wellbeing. This is a principled position of "Svoboda.".

The new government of Ukraine will be formed by the new Parliament (elected in the polls on the Ukrainian parliamentary elections).

Changing of the electoral system:

"Svoboda" demands to hold early parliamentary elections by proportional representation with open party lists.

We have submitted to the Parliament a draft law № 4906-2 to that regard, and appeal to all members of Parliament to support it.

If the current mixed electoral system, introduced for the benefit of Yanukovich regime, will be used, the radical qualitative renewal of the Parliament would be practically impossible.

Early elections and martial law:

The early parliamentary elections should not be an obstacle to counter Russian aggression in Donbas. We support both: the early elections and the martial law.

We believe that the introduction of the martial law is the shortest way to defeat the enemy and to restore peace in Ukraine.

"Svoboda" offers the president and the parliament to implement the following action plan:

1. To introduce the martial law and within a month to clear the country from invaders.

2. Then call for early parliamentary elections which would be held in October-November this year in peaceful Ukraine.

Press Service of Svoboda