Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

April 7 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: The coven of Putin's separatists in eastern regions needs to be urgently dealt with

The events in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk, which were initiated by those who pioneer the so-called federalization, is the next stage of the Kremlin's plan to organize a separatist rebellion, overthrow the constitutional order and destroy Ukraine's territorial integrity. This is the continuation of Putin's aggressive strategy against Ukraine, which was previously realised in Crimea. The law enforcement, militia and SSU have to act decisively to stop those criminal actions and to use all necessary, legal means to supress the coven of Putin's agents" - stated the Leader of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" Oleh Tiahnybok.

"All the organizers and participants in these events should be arrested and prosecuted. If this is not done - and actions of security forces cannot be considered effective at this stage -Svoboda will require an immediate change in leadership of local law enforcement agencies.

I urge Ukrainians to protect the integrity of the country and not to allow a handful of paid marginalized agents of Putin to destroy the sense of peace and tranquillity in Ukraine. Whether Ukraine will be able to repel the Russian invaders depends, solely, on us" - stressed Oleh Tiahnybok.

The Leader of nationalists announced the list of urgent measured which must be used in order to stop separatist actions in the eastern part of Ukraine:

- Free all administrative buildings in eastern Ukraine which are occupied by Russian saboteurs and pro-Russian agents;

- Arrest organisers, active participants, supporters and instigators of Constitutional order's overthrow in Ukraine;

- Conduct an operation on detection of Russian saboteurs and agents of the Kremlin, and prevent their further integration into the territory of Ukraine;

- Hold accountable the law enforcement agencies and local administrations, who have shown criminal inaction during the period of displayed separatist conduct in eastern Ukraine;

- Punish those responsible for public desecration of Ukraine's state symbols and display of unauthorised symbols of occupier on administrative institutions;

- Guarantee security and rights of Ukrainian citizens to hold peaceful demonstrations in support of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine;

- Remove from the government and law enforcement agencies those representatives, who in the past worked for the KGB, held positions in pro-Russian organizations and cooperated with criminal-oligarchic regime of Yanukovich;

- The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the SSU and Prosecutor General must address the Parliament and the public with a report regarding events in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. They should also state which Ukrainian MPs, local deputies and oligarchs were involved in the matter;

- The Head of Border Security should also report on the measures taken to prevent the entry of Putin's saboteurs into the territory of Ukraine;

- Create a special Parliamentary commission of inquiry in order to determine the circumstances which led to separatist manifestations in eastern regions, evaluating, at the same time, the effectiveness of the MIA, SSU and Border Security (to prevent similar incidents in the future);

- Oblige the Cabinet of Ministers to close the Ukrainian-Russian border to prevent infiltration of Putin's saboteurs;

- Strengthen criminal penalties for separatist activities, in particular for separatist propaganda and participation in public events held in support of separatist ideas;

- Hold criminally responsible those, who promote the idea of Ukraine's federalization in a way that is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine.

Press Service of Svoboda