Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

March 1 2014 Svoboda: Russia will not be able to force Ukraine back into the sphere of its geopolitical interests

The attempt of Crimea's annexation by the Russian Federation is the act of unhidden aggression, encroachment on state sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and Russia's brutal attempt to keep Ukraine in the area of its imperial geopolitical interests. Russia acts as an international terrorist who captured more than two million citizens of Ukraine and continues to issue more and more unreasonable demands.

Russian propaganda machine is trying to cover up their aggression by using pseudo arguments to protect their "nationals" of fictional "harassment" (i.e. infringement of their rights). However, the aggression of the Russian imperialists was prepared in advance, and it would be naive to believe that, for example, the abolition of the unconstitutional law of Kivalov-Kolisnichyenko sparked military aggression from the Kremlin. It would be short-sighted to assume that Russia, in anticipation of the abolition of declarative laws that were passed in an unconstitutional manner at the time of the domination of Yanukovich, concentrated all its available military power on the borders of Ukraine so much ahead. Even a child would not believe the story of Moscow that the day after the adoption of the first acts (after the overthrow of the regime) Russia was able to move ships from the Baltic and the North Seas into the territorial waters of Ukraine.

Therefore, we are worried about the intention to cancel some of the decisions adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine. The policy of appeasement will only lead to new demands on Moscow's part. Conceding to terrorists is unacceptable, and the last statement on the abolition of certain decisions is a mistake which should not be allowed.

Svoboda is convinced that there is a need to continue with reforms in Ukraine with an aim to build the foundation of ethnic, social and historical justice. Interests of any citizen in the process of these reforms' implementation will not be violated! At the same time, Ukraine firmly and continuously should prevent any attempts of attacks on its territorial integrity and sovereignty. We will not let anyone to create ethnic, inter-confessional or inter-regional conflict which aims to plant a discord in the Ukrainian society.

We call on all citizens of Ukraine in this difficult time for the country to unite and to protect Ukraine.

We will fight, and we will win! May God help us!

Press Service of Svoboda