Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

December 6 2013 Maidan's Action Plan

Maidan's Action Plan:

І. Key Objectives and Tasks.

Clearly Defined Priorities and Tasks.

At the minimum: the release of political prisoners; criminal charges to be laid against Minister Zakharchenko, Ministry of Internal Affairs, "Berkut Policemen" who were responsible for beating up the protesters; the resignation of government headed by PM Azarov.

Ultimate Demand: snap parliamentary and presidential elections.

ІІ. International Actions.

А) Enlist full capabilities and potential of leading international organizations. Taking into account flagrant violations of human rights committed in Ukraine and caused by illegal actions of the so-called law enforcement agencies and especially by Berkut, the Ministry of Internal Affairs' special riot police unit, approach the following organizations:

1. UN Human Rights Council and UN High Commissioner for Human rights, informing them about flagrant violations by Ukrainian authorities of its international obligations and commitments, that stem from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and asking them to take actions in order to stop those violations.

2. Council of Europe, regarding flagrant and massive violations of the European Convention on Human Rights by the Ukrainian authorities. It should be suggested that a hearing regarding the situation in Ukraine be initiated at Council of Europe.

3. Reporters Without Borders, an international NGO, regarding the barbaric and sadistic beatings of journalists in Ukraine, including foreign journalists, while they were performing their professional duties.

4. International human rights organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch). Representatives of these organizations should be invited immediately to come to Ukraine as observers to monitor the developments in Ukraine.

B) Taking into account that the repressions by the authorities in Ukraine are organized and paid for by the leading figures of the state who, according to numerous media reports, have been implicated in a massive theft of state assets and in an unlawful enrichment and personal gain at the expense of the people of Ukraine, as well as in an illegal transfer of assets out of the country, approach the following organizations:

1. Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), The World Bank, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in order to make use of the mechanisms stipulated in their joint initiative to repatriate stolen assets and in order to launch an investigation into the origins and sources of foreign bank accounts, real estate and property owned by top Ukrainian officials and their close relatives.

2. Several G20 governments, in order to request that they facilitate these investigations by freezing foreign bank accounts of those individuals, since these assets may be used to suppress legal and peaceful protests in Ukraine.

3. Reporters Without Borders, an international NGO, with a request to launch a parallel investigation into foreign bank accounts and real estate assets abroad, owned by top officials in Ukraine or their relatives abroad.

C) In order to ensure the protection of legitimate interests of civil society in Ukraine in its dealings with international organizations, the National Committee for the Protection of Civil Rights in Ukraine should be established immediately. It should be comprised of representatives of political parties, civil society, and in particular, the students who participate in the protests, small business representatives, leaders who are trusted by the public, distinguished persons etc.

The main task of the Committee will be documenting the crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

Establish the Committee offices in all regions of Ukraine. Existing civic organizations should be incorporated into the Committee to the maximum possible extent.

D) Make arrangements for a continuous presence of MPs and politicians from democratic countries on the Maidan in Kyiv. Invite Polish Sejm MPs, EPP representatives from various countries, MEPs and Members of Parliaments from European countries, US and Canada, opposition leaders from Russia and Belarus.

E) The approval by the Maidan of the Address to the UN, OSCE, PACE, EU regarding the escalation of violence and repressions by authorities against peaceful citizens of Ukraine. Draw attention of the world community to the information made public by a representative of the Party of Regions regarding the probability of finding corpses. That means that either there are victims of the authorities' actions out there or new actions are being planned with the intent to blame the opposition for the outcome.

F) Approach IMF and Bank for International Settlement (Basel) in order to establish a public control over financial and economic reserves and accounts, and their locations. Establish the Financial Monitoring Council at the National Resistance HQ in order to monitor the financial situation.

G) Approach the World Congress of Ukrainians, Governments of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania as well as US, Canada, Great Britain (countries with a large Ukrainian diaspora) with a request to be ready to provide a humanitarian aid to Western Ukraine, where the government of PM Azarov is now plotting a humanitarian catastrophe and holodomor (famine).

ІІІ. Organizational and Legal Actions.

Make the Commissionaire for Human Rights do her job. Constantly demand that she undertake concrete actions, using her authority and responsibilities to investigate fully the beatings of peaceful protesters. Constantly inform the Maidan about her actions and inactions.

Demand that the Office of the Prosecutor General publicly disclose all information regarding the investigation of the beatings. Constantly inform the Maidan about its actions and inactions.

Compile the Black Book of Hangmen and Human Rights Violators in Ukraine and announce on the Maidan the names of those who will be entered into it first. Send this Book to all international organizations and to the governments of democratic countries.

On a regular basis, make public "the list of hangmen" through mass media outlets and the display screen on the Maidan. The list will include all those who are complicit in repressions, complete with their photos (Know Hangmen by Sight Campaign): politicians, MPs from the Party of Regions, Berkut policemen, judges. Continuous list updates.

Compile fatcs and document the crime committed by Mr. S. Kusyuk, the Commander of Kyiv Berkut Unit and forward it to international Human Rights organizations and Prosecutor's General Oiffice. TSN TV News broadcast a report yesterday and today that, on the 1st December, a person resembling Mr. Kusyuk was orchestrating a provocation involving a bulldozer on Bankova Street. Request that the identity of the individual in question be confirmed, and subsequently, have him criminally charged for organizing mass disturbances, exceeding his authority, endangering life and health of militia servicemen. Demand that criminal proceedings be initiated against Mr. Zakharchenko, Minister of Internal Affairs, for the actions of Berkut Unit on 30th November and 1st December. Establish the Provisional Investigative Commission at the Verkhovna Rada to deal with this issue.

IV. Civil Disobedience Actions.

Call for the boycott of goods and services of companies and organizations that are owned by the MPs and activists of the Party of Regions.

Call for those public servants who disagree with current policies of Ukrainian authorities to volunteer their resignation.

Initiate mass protest demonstrations against visits to Ukraine of heads of states and governments who support the current regime.

V. Oher Initiatives.

Taking into account the inaction of law enforcement agencies, step up the protection of public order. In particular, hold talks with leaders of the Afgan War veterans, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Security Service veterans organizations, in order to engage them in guarding public order where rallies are held, and in protecting and safeguarding the rights of citizens during peaceful protests.

Reinforce the perimeter of the Maidan using heavy equipment and vehicles (construction, agriculture and city maintenance services equipment).

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