Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

July 8 2014 Political Council of "Svoboda" approved a number of resolutions following the Revolution of Dignity and the presidential election

On 30 June, the political council of "Svoboda" held a meeting in Kyiv. The council supported the resolution of the All-Ukrainian Conference of "Svoboda", which was held on 7 and 14 June 2014 following the Revolution of Dignity and the presidential election.

The adopted resolution was based on analysis of participation of "Svoboda" in the Revolution of Dignity and the presidential campaign. First were noted the considerable negative effects of prolonged, systematic and large-scale defamatory campaign against "Svoboda" which was circulated through the oligarchic media. The delegates also discussed the tangible human and organizational losses that occurred during the Revolution of Dignity.

Given the newly formed social and political circumstances, such as the post-revolutionary situation, the Russian aggression and the election of the new President of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Conference of "Svoboda" encourages governing party bodies to carry out a number of priority measures. In particular, in the field of the party structure:

- To modernize the structure of the party's governance;

- Make personnel changes in the party leadership;

- Implement measures to develop local party organizations and to expand the number of party's members;

- Conduct a series of internal conferences to update the party's programme and ideological foundation;

- The Party's Court must exercise strict control and prevention of possible corruption and political collaboration by representatives of the party in various governmental bodies.

Svoboda's Conference recommends:

- For nationalist factions in the Parliament, local authorities, representatives within all levels of government to implement provisions of the "Program of protection of Ukrainians";

- To comply with the requirements of lustration in the implementation of personnel policies;

- To strengthen the image of the party as an effective and responsible political force by the professional management and conduct.

The political council also recommended to exclude 988 people from the party, including 3 members of regional councils and 23 deputies of district and city councils (for their actions that led to the decrease of the party's image and their anti-Party activities).

Press Service of Svoboda