Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

June 11 2014 Tiahnybok's attorney Ulrich Busch filed a claim against the leader of the Bundestag's left-wing faction Gregor Giza

Dr Ulrich Busch is the German lawyer who is well-known due to his representation of the Ukrainian citizen Ivan Demianuk.

The claim on behalf of the Svoboda's leader Oleh Tiahnybok against Gregor Giza (Member of the Bundestag) and the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" was filed citing insult and defamation, which was made by the head of the left-wing fraction of the Bundestag H. Hizi and printed by the newspaper in question. The plaintiff stated that the abovementioned German politician used false quotes with the aim of attacking Tiahnybok's reputation, the democratic development of Ukraine and has attempted to legitimize aggressive actions of Putin in Ukraine.

On 13 March 2014, H. Hizi publicly promulgated distorted information about Oleh Tiahnybok from the rostrum of the German Parliament (youtu.be) and on 8 May 2014 the mentioned newspaper printed these defamatory statements (sueddeutsche.de).

Earlier, on May 23, Ulrich Busch filed a lawsuit against the German TV studio "Panorama" and channel ARD (Politmagazin Panorama, ARD) for the acts of libel and insult on the ground that the studio distorted Oleh Tiahnybok's statements made in Yavoryna during a broadcast on 06:03:2014 "Putsch in Kyiv: Which role played the Nazis?" (daserste.ndr.de, ukraine357.html).

In the lawsuit, which was filed in the Prosecutor's Office (Berlin), U. Bush briefly describes events that occurred at the Maidan, noting the positive role Svoboda and its leadership played during these events, and quotes the exact words of Oleh Tiahnybok (previously translated and certified by an accredited court interpreter) as proof of the plaintiff's rectitude.

The claimant demands fair punishment of all those guilty of defamation (in accordance with the law), compensation for moral harm and a public apology of those responsible for delivering false statements against Svoboda and Oleh Tiahnybok.

Press Service of Svoboda