Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

May 23 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: To defeat terrorists in Donbas we need to get rid of traitors who work for the government

During a meeting with the community of Chortkyv (Ternopil region), the Leader of Svoboda and the Presidential Candidate Oleh Tiahnybok stated that the latest losses endured by the Ukrainian military in Donbas are due to the lack of professionalism and the betrayal witnessed amongst Ukraine's political and military leaders.

Tiahnybok is convinced that the deaths and injuries of our soldiers near Volnovaha and other parts of Eastern Ukraine are due to the absence of effective orders, betrayers and saboteurs's conduct and the lack of ammunition.

"Ordinary Ukrainians collected more than 120 million of Hryvnas to support the Army; the Parliament also directed additional costs to the Military. Thus, an investigation must take place as to why those costs are not used for the essential needs of our soldiers. We also demand to hold accountable all commanders of ATO (Anti-terrorist operation) and special forces whose criminal actions or inactivity lead to our soldiers' death" - stated Tiahnybok.

The Leader of Svoboda believes that now is the time to change the commanders of ATO, and introduce experts who would be able to counter terrorists. Svoboda also demands political lustration and to clear the government from the agents of Kremlin, former servants of the Yanukovych's regime and everyone who acts in an anti-Constitutional manner. Svoboda also demands the prohibition of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) and the Party of Regions due to their support of separatism and terrorism in Donbas. It is also necessary to have early Parliamentary elections because a lot of current members of the Parliament do not act in the best interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

"In order to throw out the aggressor, the new President should never make any discreditable agreements with Putin and his accomplices. Ukraine's president should protect the independence and territorial integrity of our country. Ukraine needs the President who will put national interests and demands of the Revolution of Dignity higher than personal enrichment and maintenance of power" - concluded OlehTiahnybok.

Press Service of Svoboda