Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

October 3 2014 There should not be any elections at the occupied territories of Donbas! There should not be any supporters of separatists and aggressor in the Parliament!

"Svoboda" is strongly against the early Parliamentary elections at the territory of Donbas which is temporarily occupied by Russian aggressors and terrorists.

This is because Ukrainian law is not functioning properly at the occupied territories where Ukrainian patriots are killed every day and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians left their homes because their lives were under the threat. All those circumstances create a ground for 100% falsifications of elections results which may help supporters of the aggressor and the Yanukovich regime to join our Parliament and to form pro-Putin coalition. As an example: Serhiy Kravchenko who supported illegal separatists' referendum is now the candidate in 105th district in Luhansk.

"Svoboda" proposes the law draft #5123 which applies some changes to the Ukrainian law "On election of MPs of Ukraine". This document requires The Central Election Commission to accept that elections did not take place in districts where the Anti-terroristic operation is going on.

We also demand to adopt the Law draft #4300a (which was accepted in first reading) on counteraction and prevention of separatism and overcoming the consequences of separatist activity in Ukraine. The law prohibits holding any Governmental positions to any supporters of separatism and occupants and therefore none of them could be registered as candidates for any parliamentary or local governing positions.

"Svoboda" demands that those two law projects are adopted at the nearest session of the Parliament on 7 October.

Press Service of Svoboda