Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

September 14 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: "Svoboda" appeals to the society with already drafted bills for every point of election programme

Oleh Tiahnybok has informed the public that the ХХІХ congress of the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" adopted the decision about participation in the preliminary elections to the Ukrainian Parliament which will be held on the 26 October 2014. Delegates approved the election campaign, the list of parliamentary candidates and candidates in majority of the districts in the country.

The leader of nationalists stated that pre-election programme of "Svoboda" is called: "Ukrainian victory. The programme of transformation".

"We are participating in the elections with an outlook that we have professed for more than 20 years. Our "Programme of Protection of Ukrainians" is not written by political advisors - it is drafted during numerous meetings with people of Ukraine. The document is modernized and shortened according to the current legislation. It is called "Ukrainian victory. The programme of transformation". Most importantly, MPs from "Svoboda" have prepared and filed appropriate bills for each point of the Programme" - stressed Oleh Tiahnybok.

In addition, the Leader of "Svoboda" noted that the Congress approved the party list and 225 parliamentary candidates for election districts.

"We hope not only to save our representation in Parliament, but also to increase it. These elections are needed in Ukraine, because no representatives of Yanukovych regime, nor the Communists, nor pro-Russian forces should be elected "- concluded Oleh Tiahnybok.

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Press Service of Svoboda