Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

August 13 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: This Parliament has to adopt bills on lustration and the new electoral system

On 12 August 2014, whilst delivering a speech at the Parliament, the Leader of "Svoboda" Oleh Tyagnybok stressed the importance of the following matters:

1. The Parliament should work during the whole week, not only on Tuesdays.

2. It is necessary to adopt the lustration law (initiative #4359a). It should be noted that the first lustration law project was registered by Tiahnybok as far back as 2005. If the law were adopted then - we would not have Yanukovich as a President and Ukraine would be a different country.

3. It is important to vote for the bill that supports proportional system of elections with open candidates' lists. We shall not allow the majoritarian-proportional system to be used because it means the conservation of oligarchy in the Parliament.

4. It is important to support the government bill on sanctions against Moscow. "Svoboda" submitted their bill on sanctions in March and if it were considered on time, we would already have a different situation.

Oleh Tiahnybok also expressed hope that the Party of Regions and communists will not be present in the new Parliament (taking into account that they supported terrorists financially, had speculative negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities for their financial gains and negotiated with Moscow about military aid to terrorists in the east of Ukraine).

Press Service of Svoboda