Oleh Tiahnybok
Head of "Svoboda" party

July 31 2014 Oleh Tiahnybok: Oligarchs should finance Ukrainian Army

According to Oleh Tiahnybok, everyone, including the Government, need to consolidate their efforts to provide Ukrainian troops with all necessary means to achieve victory over Moscow invaders. Ukrainian people already provide those who fight in ATO zone with bulletproof vests, helmets and other necessary military equipment. However, oligarchs, whose actions led to the situation that we are facing in eastern Ukraine have to support the Army as well.

The head of Ukrainian nationalists outlined the current situation in east of Ukraine, noting that how our heroic Army confronts the professional Russian military who continue to receive guns and heavy equipment from Putin.

The leader of "Svoboda" emphasized that now all branches of Government must make every effort to find mutual understanding and to work in the best interests of Ukraine.

The parliamentarian stressed that "Svoboda" supports both: financing of the Ukrainian Army and rebuilding the infrastructure of the cities destroyed by the aggressor. However, he said, the philosophy of "Svoboda" on this issue differs from the one proposed by the Government.

Tiahnybok stated that the Government proposes to collect money for the Army and rebuilding of the infrastructure from every Ukrainian citizen. Without exception. The Cabinet wished to charge an additional 1, 5% of the proceeds from income of every Ukrainian. "Svoboda," on the other hand, proposes a military tax which will be paid by oligarchs, especially those who destabilised the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Those who earned from 500 000 to 1 million of UAH would have to make a one-time payment of 10% from their annual income, from 1 to 10 million - 15%, 10 to 100 million - 20%, more than 100 million - 25%.

Oleh Tiahnybok also stated that "Svoboda" was able to negotiate with the Government and remove a norm that allowed individual managers of budget institutions to force employees into the unpaid leave without their consent and any warning.

In addition, Tiahnybok reported that "Svoboda" offers to consider a bill to introduce a progressive tax scale if the Government and Parliament would not support the introduction of the military tax for the oligarchs.

Press Service of Svoboda